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Orange Peel For Ever Youth Glowing Skin
  • Orange Peel For Ever Youth Glowing Skin

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    Kimayra is known for providing 100% pure & organic products; just like Kimayra other products, Kimayra Orange Peel powder is also extracted from the natural process only. Orange is a citrus fruit and thus contains Vitamin C benefits that help improve your skin shade, give magical benefits in brightening your skin up, and protect it from radical damage. Orange peel powder is rich in calcium that helps your skin in regenerating new skin cells.


    Kimayra Orange peel powder comes with uncountable skincare benefits & being an effective exfoliating agent; it helps in removing blackheads & even unclog your pores. Orange peel powder brightens your skin and gives it a youthful glow that makes your skin look younger. Kimayra does not add any chemicals to their products, so just like other products; Kimayra Orange Peel powder is also chemical-free.


    About This Product:

    • Kimayra Orange peel powder absorbs excessive oil & keeps your skin fresh & toned.
    • It is an ideal solution for acne-prone skin as its anti-bacterial properties is extremely helpful in treating acne, acne scars, wrinkles, fine lines, dark spots etc., without leaving your skin dry.
    • Orange peel contains Vitamin C and thus nourishes your skin without causing any harm.
    • Use Kimayra Orange Peel powder once a week for best visible results.



    Natural Orange Peel

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    200 Grams



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