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Tan Removal Face & Body Scrub Powder
  • Tan Removal Face & Body Scrub Powder

    80 Grams

    Orange Peel Face & Body Scrub Powder/Bathing Scrub Powder for Tan-Free Skin for Men and Women


    • TAN REMOVAL FACE & BODY SCRUB: Kimayra Orange Peel Tan Removal Face and Body Scrub powder for women and men is a natural body exfoliation powder made with dried orange peels. Orange bathing scrub powder helps scrub out the dead, suntanned skin cells, bringing out glowing, tan-free skin. A weekly natural scrubbing and moisturising routine promotes skin cell turnover and provides a natural radiance and glow to the skin.
    • INGREDIENTS OF TAN REMOVAL BODY SCRUB: Kimayra is known for its all-natural beautycare products. Kimayra Orange Peel Face & Body Scrub Powder is made with farm-fresh dried Orange peels that are dried and powdered granulated to enhance your skincare routine. Orange Peel Body Scrub Powder is enriched with natural Vitamin C that helps brighten skin, removes sun tan, and combats against free radical damage.
    • 100% PURE, NATURAL AND SUITABLE FOR ALL SKIN TYPES: Kimayra Orange Peel Face Scrub Powder is a 100 % pure, chemical-free, vegan skin care product. Our Orange Peel Scrub powder is suitable for all skin types - dry skin, Oily skin, combination skin and sensitive skin. Kimayra Natural Body Scrub powder is a perfect bathing exfoliator for men & women for skin exfoliation.

    Step 1: Take two teaspoons of Orange Peel Scrub powder in a bowl and add 25-30 ml of water to form a thick, consistent paste.

    Step 2: Wash your body with water.

    Step 3: Now gently massage your damp skin with the paste in a circular motion for at least 30 seconds.

    Step 4: Rinse it well and apply a good moisturiser after patting dry skin with a towel.


    • FEATURES & BENEFITS OF ORANGE PEEL TAN REMOVAL SCRUB POWDER: Kimayra Natural Orange Peel Face & Body Scrub Powder is rich in Vitamin C. This active natural anti-oxidant protects the skin from environmental factors such as UV radiation, dirt and pollution. Its citric acid-rich content is a natural exfoliant that helps to remove dead skin cells, unclog pores, and brighten the complexion. Regular exfoliation can contribute to a smoother and more radiant skin texture. It is equally effective on areas such as the neck, elbows, underarms, knees and feet.


              It helps scrub out dead skin cells and brightens skin tone.

             It helps to fight back ingrown hair and reduce hair bumps.

             It helps to cleanse out blackheads and clogged skin pores.

             It helps to tighten skin and make your skin youthful.

             It helps to lighten dark spots, hyperpigmentation and blemishes.


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