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Shikakai Powder
  • Shikakai Powder

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    Kimayra is known for providing 100% pure & organic products; just like Kimayra other products, Kimayra Shikakai powder is also extracted from the natural process only. The sun-drying Shikakai fruit makes Shikakai powder and then ground into a fine powder; it is well known for ages for treating many hair issues dryness, dullness, dandruff and more. If scientifically said, it balances the pH level of hairs and results in stunning looking hairs with zero dryness.


    Shikakai is also known as Senegalia Rugata, widely spread in the tropical Asia region and previously commonly used in place of shampoos & conditioners. Shikakai plant is rich in Vitamins like A, D, E & K that is necessary to nourish your hair follicle and make your hairs grow fast & healthy. Kimayra does not add any chemicals to their products, so just like other products, Kimayra Shikakai powder is also chemical-free.


    About This Product:

    • Shikakai powder by Kimayra is made from sun-dried Shikakai fruit to cure all hair related issues like dandruff, dull hairs, split ends, scalp itchiness & more.
    • It helps secure your scalp's roots, leaving your hair smoother, cleaner and even protects hair fall.
    • Shikakai powder is loaded with antibacterial & anti-inflammatory properties that help maintain the pH level of your scalp.
    • Regular use of Kimayra Shikakai powder makes your hair soft & silky leads to easily detangled hairs.
    • Use Kimayra Shikakai powder twice a month for best visible results.



    Natural Shikakai

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