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Natural Henna Powder
  • Natural Henna Powder

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    Product Description:
    Kimayra World is known for providing 100% pure, authentic and intrinsic products. Just like our other products, natural NATURAL HENNA POWDER is made to provide miraculous hair benefits, without providing any side effects to the hair. For the best results, it is essential that you use NATURAL HENNA POWDER at least twice a week on freshly washed hair. If used in the right manner, it helps to provide beautifully conditioned and nourished hair. Our NATURAL HENNA POWDER is 100% effective in controlling hair fall and promoting hair growth.



    • Our NATURAL HENNA POWDER is a 100% pure and chemical-free product, which helps in maintaining scalp health due to its antibacterial & cooling properties.
    • Using NATURAL HENNA POWDER is an excellent way of removing grease and dirt from hair. You can add egg white to it to get nourished and conditioned hair.
    • It is a moisturizing product, thus; it is very effective in repairing damaged and dry hair. Applying Kimayra natural henna to your hair also prevents hair-splitting.
    • If you have oily hair, Kimayra natural henna can work as a boon for your hair. It effectively helps in controlling oil production which further helps in restoring the pH of the scalp.
    • You can also apply Kimayra natural henna to color your hair beautifully. It magically covers greys.



    Natural Henna Leaves

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    200 Grams



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