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Mixed Fruit For Healthy and Glowing skin (Face Pack)

Weight: 75g/Unit

₹149.00  ₹99.00

Kimayra Mixed Fruit
Face Pack Powder

Feel the difference! See the results! Use and see the results.

Kimayra was founded on providing Natural, Plant-based, Ayurvedic, Hygienic, Sustainable, and cruelty-free beauty care products. Kimayra Mixed Fruit Face Pack powder contains Fuller Earth and natural fruit extracts that help cleanse the Skin's oil and dirt and free your Skin of acne and pimple. The combined formula of Fuller Earth and Mixed Fruit extracts can be used as a simple DIY instant facial face pack for rejuvenating Skin. Kimayra  Mixed Fruit Face Pack Powder is 100% safe to use; it has zero side effects on your skin, is suitable for all skin types, and has no added chemicals or artificial fragrances.


Tan-Free Skin


Radiant Glow


Unclogged Pores

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Safe and No Added Chemical

Kimayra Mixed Fruit Face Pack Powder a super effective formula prepared by adding natural fruit extracts like Papaya, Orange peel, Pomegranate, and Beetroot, making it an exemplary Face Pack Powder for Glowing Skin. Natural fruit extracts always work brilliantly to replenish the Skin's natural glow, and Fuller Earth helps to boost the Skin's complexion and makes it radiant and clear. 

100% Natural and Hygienic

: Made with Natural Plant-based Products with traditional techniques.

No added Chemicals :

Only made with Natural ingredients, no addition of chemicals and artificial aromas.

Easy to Use:  

Easy Homemade DIY Remedy for skincare